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Salt Remover 32oz

Easy-to-use Salty Boater™ Salt Remover gets rid of salt deposits and leaves a PTEF protective coating.

Rinses away salt buildup while leaving a protective PTEF ® coating to prevent future salt damage. Convenient mixing unit can be used with garden hose spray (purchase hose and nozzle separately) or with included attachment for engine flushing.

Superior performance in key testing: The Humidity Cabinet Test (ASTM D 17 48) subjects metals to 100% humidity to simulate lengthy, harsh exposure found in the marine environment. Left untreated, metals will quickly show signs of surface corrosion.

Key features 

  • Rinses away salt buildup and leave a protective PTEF® coating to prevent future salt damage
  • Provides a durable polymer barrier to help prevent future deposits
  • Use on fiberglass, aluminum, stainless steel, rubber, plastic, magnesium, and paint
  • Also can be used as a motor flush in I/O and outboard engines to help protect engines used in saltwater
  • Ideal for fishing tackle, dive gear, trailers, and all other equipment exposed to salt

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